Ghost Block Wines

Oakville Legacy

Our Oakville Legacy Club wines are sourced from our three organically farmed Oakville Vineyards, namely Pelissa, located directly behind our winery, Rock Cairn and Lincoln Creek Vineyards. These wines consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Malbec and Montepulciano varietals.

Six bottles, twice per year — March & November (average shipment less than $555+ tax & wines subject to change)

March 2023: 2020 Ghost Block Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (2), 2021 Oakville Winery Zinfandel (2), 2019 Oakville Winey Malbec (2)

5th Generation

Andrew Hoxsey’ s daughters Morgaen and Kendall are upholding their family’s legacy and continuing with their father’s vision by creating a home for Ghost Block, Oakville Winery, and Elizabeth Rose Wines. The 5th Generation club provides access to the entire portfolio of wines we produce in Napa Valley.

Six bottles, three times a year — February, May & October (average shipment less than $275 + tax & wines subject to change)

February 2023: 2021 Ghost Block Zinfandel (2), 2019 Oakville Winery Cabernet Sauvignon (2), 2022 Elizabeth Rose Rosé  (2)