The Pelissa Family legacy is unique to Napa Valley and rare in the modern day California wine industry. It began in 1903 when Joseph Pelissa came to Napa Valley from Liguria, Italy and bought his first 35 acres with a single gold coin. His son Andrew later took over, building a successful business and eventually acquiring 1000 acres within Oakville and Yountville. The family is now in their 5th generation as renowned growers in Napa Valley. Choosing to stay completely family owned and operated, they still live on the land and farm the land. Over the course of the last 116 years the family has supplied their fruit to some of the most prestigious wineries in the Napa Valley. It’s only recently, in 2006, they started making Ghost Block Estate Wines; creating award-winning, collectable wines that are less about pretense and more about showcasing the pride in where they live, the vineyards they farm, and their family’s deep roots in Napa Valley history.

All five generations have lived on the land and farmed the land and as 5th generation is active today in management of production and sales and marketing making us one of the last and oldest still completely family-owned-and-operated vineyards and winery in Napa Valley.

In the end, this is a real story about a real family who lives on their property and wakes up to the vista of their own vineyards. Nothing gives them more pride than farming their own land organically and creating the best wines possible. It is no coincidence that their land is in the Heart of Napa Valley. They hope a little bit of their family history and true passion is expressed in each & every bottle.


In the early 1980s, after a summer day of working in his grandfather’s vineyards, our current owner, Andy Hoxsey, was in his mid 20s, enjoying a cold beer at the legendary local Yountville bar, Pancha’s.  There, he began a conversation with a retired veteran, who asked Andy if he farmed that vineyard next to the Yountville cemetery. He replied, “yes sir, I do.” The veteran, who may have had one too many beers, proceeded to tell Andy about the ghost he had seen leaving the Pioneer Cemetery walking up the hillside through that very vineyard, which he referred to as the cemetery field, towards the top of the Yountville hill. The veteran told Andy that ghost was the spirit of George C. Yount (founder of Yountville, who planted the first grapevine in Napa Valley in 1839), who haunted that vineyard and made his way to the top of the hill to overlook the town he founded. That next morning Andy went to trademark the name “Ghost Block.” Thus the two legends were born, the ghost of George C. Yount and Ghost Block Vineyard.